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Your Own Unique Discovery

About Link for YOUD

Link for YOUD stands for LINK FOR Y(OUR) O(WN) U(NIQUE) D(ISCOVERY). The name of our advertising network reflects our ambition to be the best possible partner for digital marketers in every corner of the world. We are determined to make your online advertising experience as efficient, positive, and smooth as possible. Join our Internet ad platform to start monetizing your web presence/ launch effective promotional campaigns online.

Our Guidelines

We adhere to the following guidelines in order to be your optimal partner in the world of digital advertising and its challenges.

Transparency and honesty

We know that mutual trust is a core condition for our joint success in the dynamic and competitive environment of digital marketing. That is why we make sure that you are constantly kept updated and well-informed about what you get and what you spend.

High-quality legal content

We carefully double-check advertising offers and advertisements, in terms of both content and formats, to secure brand safety and consistency.

Direct cooperation

Our network will be your reliable point of direct contact with resourceful digital advertisers and high-converting websites. There will be no weak links and unnecessary intermediaries.

Personalized approach

Our tagline is ‘Your Own Unique Discovery’. We are always focused on your specific situation: your target audiences, your verticals, your products, your resources and your conversion rates. In conformity with this, our team’s top priority is all about creating perfect matches between advertisers and webmasters for the best possible results.


The range of the available ad formats includes the most popular and efficient ones. Feel free to choose one of them. We would be happy to consult you and find the best possible solution meeting your needs.


Your banners may be customized and adjusted in terms of size, proportion, and orientation, text and image.


The landing page is displayed in a separate browser window or in a background tab.

Teaser ads

Teasers are a combination of images and text drawing user's attention.


This option is normally displayed before accessing the main content.


This format is displayed as a message box resembling the browser’s native alert window. It allows users either to click ‘cancel’ to return to your website or to perform a certain action.

Push Notifications

Such notification are basically icons with brief texts displayed on the end-user’s device with the user’s permission.

Key advantages

Our network relies on the three main advantages, serving as the basis of our growth.

Qualified and experienced staff

We assembled a strong team of digital advertising experts and practitioners. Link for YOUD is a group of skilled and dedicated professionals that thoroughly know the industry. We offer hands-on experience, best practices, and deep knowledge.

Advanced technological platform

Our in-house developed platform provides you with extended opportunities for control, targeting, budgeting, and customization.

Best performing formats

We work with an entire range of formats capable of bringing about brand awareness and generating high income. Our formats will definitely make it possible to promote your product/service/app/site and to monetize your traffic.

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